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88% of Employees Require Access to Emergency Funds

88% of employees require access to Emergency Funds, but only 8% have insurance. Only 37% of the workforce has had primary education, and 2 out of 5 employees in Indonesia face job-related stress.

Source : google

The Rise of Employees' Needs in SEA

Today’s employees seek comprehensive benefits packages that address financial wellness, security, professional growth, and work-life balance.

Source : google

64% of Southeast Asia’s GDP is Contributed by MSMEs

VENTENY is committed to accelerating business growth by strengthening the role of MSMEs, which contribute 64% to the GDP of Southeast Asia (SEA)

Source : SMEfinanceforum

The Gap in Productive Funding for MSMEs

Indonesia’s MSMEs contribute more than 60% of the GDP, but a funding gap exists of USD 166 billion annually. However, the funding gap for MSMEs across Southeast Asia is around USD 300 billion.

Source : SMEfinanceforum

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Herlien Lestari

Mitra Langgeng Sejati

With VENTENY Finacial Services, we have received substantial financial support and gained greater trust from our clients. Our clients’ payments are timely, opening up more referrals from new clients. All of this has contributed to our rapid growth and development.


PT. Sompo Insurance Indonesia

There are many features in the VENTENY Employee Super App, one of which I particularly like is V-Academy. This feature focuses on educational and learning development for employees who want to gain a fundamental understanding of learning. Beginners should try the V-Academy feature if they’re going to try learning development.


PT. Aiko Negara Daha

The Multi Purpose Loan, feature can help employees avoid relying on illegal online loans, making them feel stressed or chased. This feature can minimize borrowing from illegal online loans so that employees can focus more on work, meet emergency needs, and better plan their finances.

Tri Haryanto

Kumala Putra Nusantara

After getting to know VENTENY, especially its Financial Services, I can immediately take on more work because we no longer need to wait for capital to return to execute the next project. That is how I feel, more or less, and it’s beneficial for the company’s development.

Viery Drielaksmana

PT. Berkah Berlimpah Limpah

Thanks to VENTENY’s Financial Services we have received a capital injection, managed to overcome payment delays, and now have access to cash (EWA). We utilize these funds for inventory purchases and improving production processes, so our expectations for company growth with VENTENY are increasingly optimistic.