About Us

Letter from Founder dan Group CEO
Jun WaideFounder and Group CEO

VENTENY: Building Prosperity Together

Since the inception of VENTENY, our mission to build prosperity together has been the driving force behind every step we take. Every business, especially MSMEs, has excellent potential for growth and development. However, we also realize that entrepreneurs and employees face many challenges in running their businesses.

VENTENY’s Journey

With the spirit to deliver the best innovations and services, VENTENY embarked on this extraordinary journey nine years ago. In 2015, VENTENY INC took root in the Philippines, laying the foundation for our vision and mission. A year later, in 2016, VENTENY PTE LTD was born in Singapore, marking a significant step in our expansion into regional markets. VENTENY’s commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting customer needs has propelled VENTENY to achieve remarkable accomplishments throughout this journey. With the same spirit, VENTENY is committed to innovating and providing the best services across our regions.

2017 was a pivotal moment in our history. VENTENY was awarded the Financial Innovation Business Conference Winner and recognized as a Top 100 Startup at the Echelon Asia Summit. These accolades recognized our dedication to delivering innovative solutions and building sustainable businesses. This milestone reinforces VENTENY's commitment to continuously deliver added value to our customers through sustained innovation and excellence.

In 2019, VENTENY entered the Indonesian market by establishing PT VENTENY Matahari. Over the following two years, from 2019 to 2021, VENTENY continued progressing rapidly, including establishing PT VENTENY Fortuna International as the Holding Company in Indonesia. Through these strategic steps, VENTENY strengthens its presence and commitment to expand its reach while enhancing the quality of services for customers throughout Indonesia.

Not stopping there, 2021 marked a significant milestone for us with the launch of the VENTENY Employee Super App. This step was part of our commitment to enhancing employee welfare and providing a better user experience. We promise to continue creating innovative solutions that strengthen employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

In 2022, VENTENY further solidified its position as a leading Financial Technology company in Indonesia by listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in December 2023. We also received the CNBC: The Most Promising Startup award and CNBC Person of the Month award, cementing our reputation in the industry. In 2022, our achievements, such as listing our stock on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in December 2023 and receiving the CNBC awards for the most promising start-up and CNBC Person of the Month, have solidified our reputation as a leader in the FinTech industry in Indonesia.

In 2023, we successfully acquired PT Digitalisasi Perangkat Indonesia (Dipay) as part of VENTENY's subsidiary. Additionally, our expansion efforts extended to Japan by establishing VENTENY G.K., demonstrating our commitment to exploring global markets and adding value to our community.

At VENTENY, we continually strive to be a positive agent of change in the financial and technology industry, delivering meaningful innovations to our customers and building solid partnerships worldwide. This is part of our commitment to creating a better future for all.