Meet Damar Raditya, Chief Operating Officer of VENTENY Group

Behind a company’s success, some remarkable individuals work tirelessly to run its operations. One of the key figures contributing to the success of PT VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk is Damar Raditya. Damar Raditya serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of VENTENY Group! Who is he? Let’s get to know Damar Raditya!
Damar Raditya, who completed his bachelor’s degree at Kyungsung University, South Korea, boasts a wealth of skills and experience in fields such as Fintech, IT, FMCG, and the Hospitality Industry. His competence is well-recognized in various large companies, both domestically and internationally. Damar, as he is fondly called, began his career as a Communication Convergence Research Laboratory member at Kyungsung University, South Korea, from 2008 to 2012. Subsequently, his career in the FMCG sector started in 2012 at one of the companies in Seoul, South Korea. Afterward, he returned to Jakarta and continued his career as the LDCI Head Representative for Lotte Mart Indonesia, eventually serving as the Hotel Transformation Manager at Airy Rooms. Before becoming the COO of PT VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk, Damar also served as the Co-Founder of Kawan Sejati Berkama (which continues to this day).
Damar Raditya’s extensive experience spanning over eight years in various industries has built a strong foundation of knowledge and deep insights. This experience has given Damar a thorough understanding of how to run a business effectively and efficiently. Undoubtedly, this experience significantly influences the success of PT VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk as a company that has realized significant innovations in employee welfare management in Indonesia.
As the driving force behind the success of PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Damar Raditya, as the COO, plays a pivotal role in leading the company’s operations. Damar Raditya focuses on developing and implementing business strategies that help the company achieve its goals and vision. One of the factors that sets Damar apart in his role is his dedication to innovation. Damar Raditya constantly seeks new ways to enhance the company’s services and ensures that employee welfare remains a top priority.
One of PT VENTENY Fortuna International’s significant steps under Damar Raditya’s leadership as COO is the launch of the VENTENY Employee Superapp. This innovative application is designed to assist companies and employees in optimizing their well-being. With features like V-Nancial, V-Merchant, V-Health, and V-Academy, VENTENY Employee Superapp provides a comprehensive solution to support employee welfare.
V-Nancial allows employees to access emergency funds, while V-Merchant provides access to various exclusive offers when shopping at partner merchants. V-Health supports employees’ health and well-being with quality healthcare services, and V-Academy makes it easier for employees to access various online courses and educational resources. These initiatives are a testament to PT VENTENY Fortuna International’s commitment, under the leadership of Damar Raditya as COO, to enhance the well-being of employees in Indonesia.
It’s important to remember that a company’s success is measured not only by its financial aspects but also by how it treats its employees. Damar Raditya and his team at PT VENTENY Fortuna International have demonstrated that employee welfare is one of the keys to the company’s success. The company continues to grow and prosper with a focus on innovation, development, and adding value to employees. The dedication to improving employee welfare creates a positive work environment and helps the company achieve its goals and vision more effectively.
In a short period, Damar Raditya has achieved numerous accomplishments as COO of PT VENTENY Fortuna International, one of which is the launch of the VENTENY Employee Superapp, which provides a comprehensive solution to support employee well-being. Damar Raditya is an example of a leader who is concerned not only with the success of the company but also with the well-being of its employees. We hope Damar Raditya’s career continues to be successful and has a significant positive impact on the business world and society. Damar Raditya has shown that business success and caring for employees can synergize to achieve remarkable results.

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