Better Environment

VENTENY is committed to creating a better environment in Indonesia. VENTENY understands that achieving sustainable environmental sustainability requires collaborative and comprehensive efforts. Therefore, VENTENY focuses on two critical aspects: responsible waste management and the empowerment of local communities.

Regarding waste management, VENTENY is committed to adopting best practices. From waste reduction to recycling, VENTENY strives to minimize environmental impact as much as possible. VENTENY is also actively seeking innovative solutions to reduce plastic waste and other hazardous materials and increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable waste management in society.

On the other hand, VENTENY believes that sustainability is about the environment and empowering local communities. VENTENY works with local communities to understand their needs and provide relevant support. Through various community development programs, VENTENY aims to enhance the surrounding communities’ economic, social, and environmental well-being. VENTENY realizes that by strengthening local communities, we also strengthen the foundation of long-term sustainability.

With our commitment to responsible waste management and the empowerment of local communities, VENTENY hopes to make a significant positive contribution to the environment and society around us. VENTENY believes that through these Initiatives, we can create sustainable positive change for Indonesia, drive inclusive economic growth and improve quality of life for all.

Environmentally Friendly Business Processes

In our commitment to environmental sustainability, VENTENY strives to develop and implement digital technologies throughout our environmentally friendly business processes. Through these technologies, VENTENY aims to reduce reliance on paper in our day-to-day operations. We recognize that excessive paper usage generates unnecessary waste and has negative environmental impacts.

By implementing innovative information technology systems, VENTENY provides technologies that enable companies and employees to streamline administrative processes, making them more efficient and sustainable. These digital platforms allow essential documents such as reports, forms, and contracts to be accessed, stored, and shared electronically, reducing the need for excessive paper usage and physical printing.

Beyond reducing paper usage, our transition to digital (paperless) solutions has other positive impacts. This includes speeding up workflow, enhancing information accessibility, and increasing productivity. By adopting environmentally friendly technologies, VENTENY minimizes its carbon footprint and promotes efficiency and innovation.

VENTENY’s efforts to introduce ecologically friendly digital platforms reflect our core values ​​, prioritizing sustainability. We believe that by practicing responsible business practices, we can positively contribute to environmental preservation and help create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Actual Actions for the Earth

Through various initiatives implemented by VENTENY, such as the “Waste Sorting” program to separate and recycle waste, the use of reusable water bottles as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles, and the use of environmentally friendly materials in our operations, VENTENY demonstrates a genuine commitment to sustainable business practices. Additionally, VENTENY reinforces efforts by promoting our employees’ use of public transportation and enforcing policies to limit electricity usage across the company.

These actions demonstrate social and environmental responsibility and have far-reaching impacts. By reducing waste and considering environmental impact in every aspect of our operations, VENTENY actively contributes to nature conservation and reduces carbon footprint. Furthermore, these practices also provide concrete support for life underwater through our efforts to minimize water pollution and maintain the balance of marine ecosystems.

Therefore, VENTENY commits to continuing as a positive change agent in building a sustainable future where environmental well-being and human welfare mutually thrive.

VENTENY dan Plastic Bank Indonesia

As an environmentally conscious company, VENTENY views sustainability as integral to its mission and core values. To preserve a healthier ecosystem and reduce the adverse impact of plastic waste on the environment, VENTENY has formed a strategic partnership with Plastic Bank Indonesia. This collaboration aims to collect and recycle plastic waste discarded into the environment, thereby reducing the amount of plastic polluting the oceans.

Through this cooperation, VENTENY will collect over 20,000 kg of recyclable plastic by 2024. This significant figure represents tangible efforts to reduce plastic waste and reflects the Company’s commitment to acting as a change agent in supporting environmental sustainability. By collecting this amount of recyclable plastic, VENTENY will prevent approximately 1,000,000 (one million) plastic bottles from polluting the oceans, positively impacting marine ecosystems and our planet.

However, this success is not the end of VENTENY’s journey in maintaining environmental sustainability. VENTENY will continue to take proactive and innovative steps to reduce its ecological footprint, creating a greener and more sustainable world for future generations.

Supporting the Green Economy

VENTENY believes that supporting the green economy is crucial in creating a sustainable world. Therefore, VENTENY provides funding access to businesses across various sectors that promote environmental preservation efforts. This includes agriculture, forestry, renewable energy, and other sectors committed to reducing negative environmental impacts.

One concrete example of our support is funding for SMEs in Sidoarjo focusing on food waste management. Through this initiative, they convert organic waste into animal feed, reducing waste in landfills and improving resource efficiency. Thus, VENTENY actively drives innovation and sustainable practices in environmental management and the local economy.

Furthermore, VENTENY also partners with various outsourcing companies adopting environmentally friendly cleaning products in their business processes. This step helps reduce carbon footprint and supports the growth of eco-friendly industries. VENTENY is committed to continuously supporting and promoting environmentally responsible business practices, thus helping to create a greener and more sustainable economy.

VENTENY’s Contribution