Independent Commissioner

Iwanho is an Indonesian citizen, serving as Independent Commissioner of PT Venteny Fortuna International Tbk since August 2022. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Trisakti University in 1994 and a Master’s Degree in Management from IPMI in 2008.

Prior to serving as the Company’s Independent Commissioner, he held several positions as CEO at PT RHB Sekuritas Indonesia (2018–2021), Deputy CEO at PT RHB Sekuritas Indonesia (2015–2018), Partner Corporate Finance at Deloitte (2010–2015), Partner Corporate Finance at Ernst & Young (2006–2010), and Director of Corporate Finance at KPMG (2001–2005). Currently he also serves as Independent Commissioner at PT Segar Kumala Indonesia Tbk.

Affiliation: Has no affiliation with the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and/or Shareholders.