2023April 19, 2024by Venteny

Disbursed Rp 1 Trillion Growth Funding, VENTENY Recorded 125 Percent Revenue Growth in the Third Quarter of 2023

Jakarta, 12 December 2023 – PT VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk (VENTENY) (IDX: VTNY) recorded a total revenue of Rp 100 billion in the third quarter of this year, an increase of 125 per cent compared to the third quarter of 2022. In line with this positive sentiment, the Company also managed to book a profit of Rp 6.7 billion, a growth of 57 per cent in the same period last year.
Founder and Group CEO of VENTENY, Jun Waide, revealed that several factors gave per cent acceleration to this achievement. The main supporting factor in the company’s performance growth is business-to-business (B2B) financial services revenue, which accounts for 59 percent of total revenue. VENTENY has also successfully disbursed Rp 1 trillion in active funding from January to September 2023.
This achievement confirms VENTENY’s position as a trusted partner for businesses and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in supporting their financial needs. “It is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to filling the financing gap that occurs in Indonesia and responding to changing market demands. We consistently innovate in improving integrated financial services and providing efficient holistic financial solutions for customers and business partners,” said Jun.
VENTENY Employee Super App contributed 41 percent of the Company’s total revenue. This successful performance resulted in a significant increase from the previous year which only contributed to 9 percent of revenue. This indicates the increasing success of the VENTENY Employee Super App in providing solutions to improve employee welfare by meeting the needs of employees of partner companies.
“The success of VENTENY until the third quarter of this year cannot be separated from the support and trust that has been given. We believe that innovation and collaboration have a strategic role in creating a sustainable ecosystem and providing added value for all parties involved.” Jun concluded.
Another story that was written by VENTENY to support its MSMEs development in Indonesia is consolidating business toward PT Lampung Berkah Finansial Teknologi (Lahan Sikam). Now VENTENY has effective permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
“This strategic action is a company’s movement to strengthen financial inclusion, specifically by expanding access to financial services to various segments of society,” stated Jun.
Lahan Sikam is the first peer-to-peer lending (P2P) company outside Java that now has an extensive network in Sumatra. Currently, Lahan Sikam has channelled productive financing to thousands of MSMEs in the fields of plantations, agriculture, fisheries and livestock, especially in the Lampung area.
VENTENY invested 51 per cent towards Lahan Sikam. As a super lender, VENTENY provided an opportunity for MSME players in Indonesia to gain growth funding to support their business operations and development.
“We are optimistic that the Company will end its business in 2023 by recording increasingly positive performance and growth. Going forward, VENTENY is committed to continue providing access to growth funding for MSMEs in Indonesia as well as to increase employee welfare in Indonesia through VENTENY Employee Super App services to support the growth of MSMEs towards Indonesia Emas in 2045,” Jun concluded.
PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk. offers a unique value proposition to UMKM by providing a combination of growth funding for UMKM players and empowering human resources through the VENTENY Employee Super App.
VENTENY has built an ecosystem with several services, including a Financial Technology Program (V-Nancial), a Technology-Based Insurance Program (V-Health), an Employee Benefits Program (V-Merchant), and a Technology-Based Education Program (V-Academy).
Now, users can enjoy the convenience of VENTENY’s services through an integrated e-wallet within the VENTENY app. The e-wallet feature is by the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) system.
VENTENY is currently operational in four countries: the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. More than 9,600 UMKM have received productive funding from VENTENY, with over 250,000 users of the VENTENY Employee Super App in Indonesia. The VENTENY app is available on Google Play Store and the App Store.