Jun Waide, Building Prosperity for MSMEs and Employees in Indonesia through VENTENY

Indonesia, with its abundant economic potential and diverse economy, plays a crucial role in developing the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) sector within the country’s economic landscape. MSMEs not only significantly contribute to job creation but also serve as the backbone driving local economies and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. However, empowerment for the well-being of MSMEs and employees in Indonesia is still considered insufficient.
Therefore, Jun Waide, as the Founder and Group CEO of VENTENY, embarked on a significant journey to enhance the strategic role of the MSME sector and promote the well-being of both employees and businesses within it. Empowering MSMEs and prioritizing the well-being of employees in this sector became Jun’s primary focus.
The MSME sector in Indonesia encompasses various industries and businesses, ranging from services, local production, and agribusiness to handicrafts. MSMEs create a dynamic ecosystem that contributes to national economic growth. “By stimulating the growth and development of MSMEs, this country has the opportunity to promote sustainable economic growth that involves a broader spectrum of society,” Jun stated.
Jun Waide understands that MSMEs often face many challenges in accessing broader markets, financial support, and modern technology. Therefore, through the VENTENY platform, he strives to provide innovative and relevant solutions that help overcome these obstacles. By utilizing digital technology and tailored financial services, VENTENY offers a bridge for MSMEs to expand market share, improve operational efficiency, and gain better financial services.
Jun Waide focuses not only on MSMEs but also on the well-being of the employees working within them. He recognizes that employee well-being is a crucial factor in business success and sustainable growth. By providing benefits to employees such as access to healthcare services and insurance protection, VENTENY contributes to creating a more inclusive and sustainable work environment.
Jun Waide is dedicated to uplifting MSMEs and their employees, as well as promoting a more significant role in Indonesia’s economic ecosystem. “By facilitating MSME growth and supporting employee well-being, I aim to help create a strong foundation for a more inclusive, sustainable, and thriving economy in the future,” Jun stated.
Background of Jun Waide’s VENTENY Establishment
Junichiro Waide, or Jun Waide as he is commonly known. He was born on 22 April 1982, in Japan. He is an individual who has garnered attention in the Indonesian business scene and is a Japanese citizen who took on the position of Founder and Group CEO of PT Venteny Fortuna International Tbk in August 2022. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management (S1) degree from Northeastern University 2005.
Before founding VENTENY, Jun had gained experience working in the United States and Japan. During his time in both countries, he noticed that employee well-being received more attention from companies there. However, when Jun decided to pursue a career in ASEAN countries, he observed that the level of well-being in this region was not fully met, and many employees were not experiencing its benefits. This sparked his motivation to establish VENTENY, with the primary goal of improving employee well-being throughout ASEAN nations.
Born with this spirit, Jun Waide’s journey started in the Philippines and Singapore before eventually bringing him to Indonesia. He focused on advancing employee well-being. In Indonesia, Jun Waide explored the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) sector as a space where he could make a broader positive impact. With his sensitivity to the challenges faced by MSMEs and their effects on the national economy, he felt called to contribute significantly by establishing VENTENY. Jun Waide understood that MSMEs are the backbone of Indonesia’s economy and society. Through his leadership, he aimed to create an ecosystem that supports growth, innovation, and well-being within this sector.
Jun currently holds key positions in several companies, including Founder & Commissioner of PT VENTENY Matahari Indonesia (since 2018), Founder & CEO of Deltapeak Lending Inc. (since 2017), Founder & CEO of Venteny Pte. Ltd. (since 2016), Founder & CEO of Venteny Inc. (since 2015). Previously, he served as CEO of Voyage Group Philippines, Inc (2011 – 2015), Operational Officer at the International Business Office – Aucfan Co., Ltd (2011), Business Producer at BEENOS Inc. (2008 – 2011), and Business Consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Co., Ltd (New York) (2006 – 2008).
Jun’s Primary Vision for MSMEs and Employee Well-being
Jun Waide’s vision for the well-being of MSMEs and employees is highly collaborative. He understands that no single entity can address the complex challenges faced by this sector alone. Therefore, he actively engages with government agencies, financial institutions, associations, and other stakeholders to create an ecosystem that supports the growth and well-being of MSMEs and their employees.
In Indonesia’s diversity, Jun Waide’s dedication to enhancing well-being reflects his deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the MSME sector. Through innovative solutions from VENTENY and his collaborative approach, he is paving the way toward a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous Indonesian economy. In this environment, MSMEs and their employees have the opportunity to thrive and make significant contributions to shared well-being and national growth.

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