2023April 19, 2024by Venteny

PT. VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk Establishes a Subsidiary in Japan

Jakarta, March 2nd, 2023 – PT. VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk (VENTENY) has officially established its new subsidiary company named VENTENY G.K. in Tokyo, Japan this February 2023. With this, VENTENY already has a presence in four countries, namely Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan.
VENTENY G.K. is the realization of VENTENY’s management commitment in order to expand market reach as stated during the IPO. As is known, PT. VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk has taken the floor on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the stock code VTNY on December 15, 2022 to be precise.
VENTENY has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, leading the way in providing innovative solutions to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) across South East Asia. According to a new report from The Asian Development Bank (ADB), strengthening the dynamics of MSMEs with innovation and internationalization will be key to revitalizing Southeast Asian economies post-pandemic.
Therefore, VENTENY with its B2B financial services tap directly into the challenges faced by MSMSEs when it comes to access to capital, which is not fully catered by traditional financial services, allowing them to not only survive but to further accelerate their growth. Furthermore, VENTENY through its employee services also recognize the importance of empowering employees in order to increase their productivity and ensure a company’s long-term success. Research has shown that highly engaged and motivated employees are essential to ensure business continuity and growth. VENTENY employee services provide effective and efficient ways for companies to manage their Employee Benefit plans without having to be concerned about lack of budget nor having to invest heavily on building their own digital App.
The opening of the VENTENY G.K. in Japan is also a strategic move by the company in order to secure funding sources at a lower cost as Japan is currently one of the countries in the world with the lowest loan interest rates. This new subsidiary will also enable VENTENY to further optimize its current network and expand partnerships with many more financial institutions in the country.
VENTENY Founder & Group CEO, Jun Waide, explained that this lower cost of funds will allow VENTENY to achieve sustainable growth and aggressively expand its services to more countries in Southeast Asia, thus creating a wider positive impact on the development of MSMEs in the region. The lower cost of funds enables VENTENY to channel funding to MSMEs through its financing partners at competitive rates, while maintaining an integrated assessment process to minimize the risk of bad loans.
“In accordance with VENTENY’s vision, which is to build an online platform with a wide range of services to empower businesses and enrich people’s lives around the world, we will continue to innovate and move quickly to provide leading financial solutions as well as employee benefits solutions for MSMEs so as to assist them in accelerating their businesses and improving their employees’ well-being. By supporting the growth of MSMEs, we too have contributed to the economic recovery and growth of the region,” concluded Jun Waide.