Reached 12.58 Times Oversubscribed, VENTENY Officially Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Jakarta, December 15th, 2023 – PT VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk (“the Company”) has officially become a company whose shares are listed and traded on the Development Board of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (“IDX”) with the stock code VTNY. VENTENY is the 59th company listed on the IDX in 2022.

Through the Initial Public Offering (IPO), the Company has offered 939,779,100 (nine hundred thirty-nine million seven hundred seventy-nine thousand one hundred) shares and succeeded raise funds Rp338,320,476,000 (three hundred thirty-eight hundred billion three hundred twenty million four hundred seventy-six thousand Rupiah).Due to high demand from the public, VENTENY shares have been oversubscribed up to 12.58 times from pooling (centralized allotment) based on data from the E-IPO system. VENTENY has released 939,779,100 shares for this Initial Public Offering, equivalent to 15% of the paid-up capital after the Initial Public Offering. Investors who buy VENTENY shares come from 34 provinces in Indonesia and six countries. Meanwhile, the number of subscribers to VENTENY shares reached 18,847 subscribers.

The Company plans to use the IPO funds, after deducting emission costs, to increase working capital for PT VENTENY Matahari Indonesia (VMI) which is then distributed to P2P Lending (Peer-to-Peer) partners by 42%, business development includes developing employee super-app, products and services, as well as expanding the marketing area by 30%, and the rest for group working capital by 28%.

With the success of this IPO, the Company plans to strengthen the B2B Segment (Business to Business; by collaborating with industry associations, maintaining credit collectibility levels, and expanding market coverage by increasing the number of representative offices so that the Company can have a better impact on Indonesian MSMEs and their employees.

In addition, to improve and strengthen the B2B2E (Business to Business to Employee) Segment, the Company will optimize big data to develop useful and practical services for employees in all segments. Thus, the Company expects an increased contribution from the employee super-app, a B2B2E service, and makes the employee super-app a must-have application for all employees.

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