BusinessJune 10, 2024by Venteny

“Self Reward” After Work, A New Mindset That Affects Employee Lifestyles

Jakarta, 23 November 2021 – As a technology company with a focus on employee happiness, VENTENY sees a self-reward mindset among employees. This is also influenced by the factor of the number of workforce which is dominated by millennials and generation Z which makes many expectations for a more dynamic, flexible and quality work world. Meanwhile, there are still many companies that have not been able to meet these expectations due to various factors such as financial capability, limited human resources, and the mindset built by higher-ups who have not considered the importance of implementing a modern work organizational culture.
PT. VENTENY Fortuna International, a technology company that focuses on supporting employee happiness, officially launched the 11.11 flash sale program to the public. This program is VENTENY’s latest form of innovation with attractive discount offers from various leading merchants to answer employee self-reward needs. Approximately 40 merchants from various backgrounds joined this program. With all the ease of access, the 11.11 flash sale program can be enjoyed by all employees who use Android by downloading the application through the Google Store.
VENTENY created the 11.11 flash sale program in response to this demand. Through VENTENY services, employees can fulfill their self-reward needs optimally. The benefits offered are also very diverse, ranging from special discounts from fashion or food and beverages brands, to hotels. In addition, on this occasion VENTENY also launched the latest innovation related to service extension in the VENTENY employee super-app.
VENTENY Indonesia Group COO – Damar Raditya revealed the objectives behind this program. “We understand that the needs of today’s employees are growing along with increasingly complex job demands. This innovation that we offer is a manifestation of our goals in providing employee happiness for employees, in accordance with the philosophy of the name VENTENY which comes from the Japanese goddess named Benten who gives happiness and good luck to everyone.”
“On the other hand, this is also a form of our commitment in developing service innovation, to strengthen the business sector which focuses on being a one stop solution for employees in meeting their daily needs apart from the basic salary. As an employee super-app, VENTENY can provide benefits that will be felt by employees only by accessing one platform for all their needs.” Damar said.
The 11.11 flash sale program was one of VENTENY’s initial breakthroughs to reach a wider market. In addition, there is service extensification which includes insurance needs through V-Insurance as a form of protection, and V-Merchants as a form of fulfilling employee lifestyle. Both of these needs are very personal and relevant to every working individual. “We want VENTENY to be top of mind among employees, in meeting their needs and happiness.” Damar concluded.
VP Brand Communication VENTENY – Riko Simanjuntak also conveyed, “One of the goals of the 11.11 flash sale program from VENTENY is to complement the needs of employees in carrying out self-rewards. Employees can benefit from very attractive discount offers for special discounts on food/drinks, holidays, or outings.”
“Apart from that, through feature extension, employees can also access insurance services through V-Insurance, to the benefits of professional skills training through V-Academy. This completeness is a form of VENTENY’s main goal as a one stop solution in realizing employee happiness.” Rico added.
VENTENY believes that now is the right time to present innovation to the public. The increasingly complex needs of employees are the main target of VENTENY services in launching this program. The participation of various well-known brands such as in the 11.11 VENTENY flash sale program is expected to attract various segments beyond employees, because the programs offered also cover the various needs of each individual.
VENTENY is optimistic that in the future, the need for employee happiness will increase. This development must also be welcomed by the availability of resources within the company and adequate technology to respond to these needs. One way is through the employee super-app service innovation from VENTENY. With a variety of attractive offers, as well as a variety of services, VENTENY is sure to gain good acceptance in society.