2023April 19, 2024by Venteny

Strengthening the Financial Business Ecosystem, VENTENY Obtains Effective Letter from OJK as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Shareholder in Indonesia

Jakarta, 16 November 2023 – PT VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk (“VENTENY”) has successfully obtained an effective letter from the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (“OJK”) to add PT Lampung Berkah Finansial Teknologi (“Lahan Sikam”) as a subsidiary through a capital injection of 51%. The corporate action between VENTENY and Lahan Sikam strengthens financial inclusion, a concept promoting public access and participation in financial services, which will be further realized through this collaboration. By integrating the resources and technology of both companies, access to financial services can be expanded to segments of the population that were previously difficult to reach.
Lahan Sikam is the first Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P) company outside Java, with an extensive network, especially in Sumatra. They are focused on providing productive financing for businesses, particularly those in agriculture, plantation, fisheries, and livestock, especially in the Lampung region. As a company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Lahan Sikam currently serves thousands of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM).
VENTENY’s acquisition of Lahan Sikam is a strategic move to reach new potential partners, segments, and demographics. This enables the company to offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services, fostering strategic partnerships and collaborations within the industry. Additionally, it reinforces VENTENY’s presence in the Sumatra region, strengthening its position and ecosystem to quickly capture market potential with a robust risk assessment and compliance layer.
Founder and Group CEO of VENTENY, Jun Waide, stated, “We are excited about the potential arising from this business strategy. Having Lahan Sikam as part of VENTENY is a significant milestone for our journey to strengthen our commitment to the regional area. VENTENY is expanding its reach to help more UMKM and support the acceleration of Indonesia’s economy.”
VENTENY provides productive funding or growth funding for the operational and business development of UMKM players in Indonesia. As a super lender, VENTENY has been collaborating with several existing P2P Lending platforms in Indonesia to channel funds to UMKM partners.
VENTENY Has Disbursed 1 Trillion Rupiah Throughout 2023
VENTENY has successfully disbursed funds totalling 1 Trillion Rupiah throughout 2023, demonstrating its strong commitment to the growth and positive contribution to UMKM in Indonesia. This aligns with supporting the government’s program to achieve Indonesia Emas 2045. Financial reports released until September 2023 mark this achievement, reflecting VENTENY’s efforts to ensure a positive impact on UMKM and its sustainability. Continuously pushing boundaries, VENTENY is committed to being a significant force for change through wise and strategic fund management to advance UMKM in Indonesia.
PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk. offers a unique value proposition to UMKM by providing a combination of growth funding for UMKM players and empowering human resources through the VENTENY Employee Super App.
VENTENY has built an ecosystem with several services, including a Financial Technology Program (V-Nancial), a Technology-Based Insurance Program (V-Health), an Employee Benefits Program (V-Merchant), and a Technology-Based Education Program (V-Academy).
Now, users can enjoy the convenience of VENTENY’s services through an integrated e-wallet within the VENTENY app. The e-wallet feature is by the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) system.
VENTENY is currently operational in four countries: the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. More than 9,600 UMKM have received productive funding from VENTENY, with over 250,000 users of the VENTENY Employee Super App in Indonesia. The VENTENY app is available on Google Play Store and the App Store.