Agreed on Strategic Collaboration with VENTENY, the leading online media in East Java, has just signed a strategic cooperation agreement with PT. VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk. (Company) in Surabaya, coinciding with the 6th anniversary celebration of on 23 February 2023., a leading online media from East Java, Indonesia, just signed a strategic partnership with PT. VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk, in Surabaya,

The agreement signed jointly by the Founder & Group CEO of VENTENY, Jun Waide, and Director of the East Java Tribune & GM of the Surya Tribun Network Daily Business, Margaretha Sandra, includes strategic collaboration in the form of collaborative activities in order to support the growth of MSMEs in East Java and the use of the VENTENY SuperApp application for management of the Employee Benefits program for employees.

As is known, the Regional Government of East Java has a mission to continue to improve inclusive, independent and competitive economic development, which is based on agribusiness, agro-industry and industrialization. One of the objectives to be achieved is to increase economic activity and the quality of MSMEs and cooperatives. In fact, based on data from the East Java Cooperative & MSME Office, the contribution of Cooperatives and MSMEs to East Java’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economy in 2021 will reach 57.81% or the equivalent of IDR 1.418 trillion. Thus, it cannot be denied that the role of MSMEs and cooperatives is very large for economic progress in this province. itself as the leading media in East Java also has a mission to support local government programs in terms of strengthening MSMEs. This is also in line with one of VENTENY’s goals, which is to strengthen and encourage the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia in particular through innovative financial solutions and also solutions for managing the Employee Benefits program with digital technology that enables companies to create motivated and motivated Human Resources. high productivity so as to create business acceleration.

In the event entitled “East Java Barometer of the 2024 Election: From East Java to the National Stage,” presented the Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Elestianto Dardak and invited East Java figures from various political parties. Tribun Network Reporting Director, Febby Mahendra Putra, acted as moderator in the discussion which lasted for approximately two hours. One of the programs that has surfaced in the context of welcoming the 2024 elections conveyed by several figures is the importance of paying attention to economic growth, especially how to facilitate the millennial generation, which is the largest group of voters, so that they have the views and abilities of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship and are ready to face digital transformation.

On this occasion, VENTENY Founder & CEO, Jun Waide expressed his gratitude for establishing this collaboration and hopes to be able to make an even bigger contribution in the future in East Java through cutting-edge solutions from VENTENY. VENTENY, which has been present in East Java since 2020, has a strategic role in strengthening MSMEs and working with cooperatives so they can capture market opportunities and accelerate their business growth with innovative financial solutions and a digital platform for effective and efficient management of the Employee Benefits program.

The event, which was held at the Dyandra Convention Center Surabaya and was attended by more than 300 people consisting of community leaders and prominent figures from East Java, the Consul Generals of Japan, Australia and England, the management of Tribunnews and representatives of UMKM and students, is expected to become a momentum where VENTENY can reach even more MSMEs and employees so that they can contribute to the growth of MSMEs and the East Java economy and create happiness for all employees in one of the largest provinces in Indonesia.