VENTENY Highlights Strong Performance at the 2023 Public Expose

PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk. (“Company/VENTENY”) held a Public Expose (Pubex) at the Westin Hotel Jakarta, which was also broadcast virtually. Some of the highlights discussed at today’s Public Expose include the presentation of VENTENY’s positive performance in the first semester of 2023, the announcement of corporate rating by Kredit Rating Indonesia (KRI), VENTENY’s collaboration with strategic partners, and VENTENY’s commitment to the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) program.
In the first semester of 2023, the Company recorded a profit of Rp9.3 billion, a significant growth from Rp3.8 billion in the first semester of 2022, representing a 2.47x increase. The Company’s profit has surged due to its revenue growth, which increased from Rp29.2 billion in the first quarter of 2022 to Rp58.9 billion in the first quarter of 2023, 2x from the same period of the previous year.
This positive performance was generated through the greater disbursement of productive funding for MSMEs. Currently, more than 9,600 MSMEs have received productive funding from VENTENY. Furthermore, this remarkable performance was bolstered by the rapid growth of the VENTENY Employee Superapp, driven by a significant increase in GMV of 1,529% in semester 1 2023 compared to the same period last year.
“VENTENY recognizes that there is still significant untapped growth potential for the Superapp. The active rate of VENTENY Employe Superapp is currently at 25%, which is higher than the market average. We are still exploring a lot of potential by partnership with many strategic partners such as associations, communities, companies, educational institutions, and others,” said Jun Waide, Founder and Group CEO of PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk.
Another key highlight of the 2023 Public Expose was PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk. (VTNY) achieving a BBB+ Stable Outlook corporate rating from Kredit Rating Indonesia (KRI), a credit rating agency, valid from August 22, 2023, to September 1, 2024. “We are very proud of KRI’s assessment, in which PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk. has obtained an investment grade rating. This rating can help VENTENY expand its market share and enhance our dedication to empowering SMEs throughout Indonesia,” said Lie Kienata, CFO of PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk.
To broaden its industry presence and fortify the VENTENY ecosystem, VENTENY initiated several strategic partnerships throughout the year 2023, including in the media industry, ArtotelGroup in the hospitality and tourism industry, and Universitas Bina Darma Palembang in the education industry. These strategic collaborations are aimed at enhancing the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and facilitating the utilization of the VENTENY Employee Superapp for Employee Benefit program management.
In terms of geographic expansion, VENTENY has established a Representative Office in Palembang, South Sumatra, to extend financial accessibility to MSMEs while simultaneously fostering human resource development within the region. “This expansion is in alignment with the Government’s vision to enhance financial inclusion, especially for MSMEs, and to enhance the skill sets of individuals in regional areas, thus contributing to the realization of the Government’s 2045 vision,” said Damar Raditya, COO of PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk.
About PT VENTENY Fortuna International Tbk
PT VENTENY Fortuna International, Tbk. offers a unique value proposition for MSMEs by providing a combination of growth funding or productive funding for MSMEs and empowering human resources through the VENTENY Employee Superapp.
VENTENY built an employee Super-app ecosystem through collaboration with third parties to provide several of its services, such as the Financial Technology Program (V-Nancial), the Technology-Based Insurance Program (V-Health), the Employee Benefits Program (V-Merchant), and the Education Program. Technology-Based (V-Academy). Now, users can enjoy the convenience of VENTENY service transactions by using e-wallets that are integrated into the VENTENY application. This e-wallet feature is supported by the QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) system.
Currently, VENTENY is already operating in 4 countries, namely the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. More than 9,600 MSMEs have received productive funding distribution from VENTENY with more than 250,000 VENTENY Employee Superapp users in Indonesia. The VENTENY app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.