VENTENY Introduces ‘Zero Cost’ Employee Benefit Concept on CNBC

Jakarta, 28 October 2022 – PT VENTENY Fortuna International (VENTENY) introduces a new concept of employee benefits for companies in Indonesia. This was stated in VENTENY’s exclusive interview with CNBC Tech For The Future, March 17, 2022.

VENTENY Group COO Damar Raditya said, “There are approximately 1 million companies in Indonesia consisting of small, medium and large companies with hundreds of millions of employees in them. However, this situation is not in line with the employee benefits received by employees. The reasons range from a lack of understanding to meet employee welfare to a limited company budget.”

This counterproductive condition is one of the causes of low employee retention levels. In fact, if the company is able to increase employee happiness, then productivity can be better so that it has an impact on the company’s business as a whole. Conversely, low employee retention will create company instability because the need to constantly recruit and educate new employees is very time-consuming and, excessive budget.

VENTENY is trying to answer this situation by releasing an employee super-app, which consists of access to loans, insurance, skill improvement training, to lifestyle on one platform. All of these services can be utilized by companies that have become Business Acceleration VENTENY service partners for free or at zero cost.

Managing Partner of Indogen Capital Chandra Firmanto added, “VENTENY came up with an idea that fits perfectly with the business landscape in Indonesia. By providing employee happiness services at zero cost, it will certainly help many small and medium companies. This is what makes us confident in VENTENY’s business model and helps them take their steps to the floor at IDX.”

Currently, there are already more than 200 companies with more than 200,000 employees who are VENTENY users. VENTENY offers employees the freedom to choose the services they want or need, supported by various merchant partners such as lifestyle, insurance, education and financial services.

“VENTENY wants to spread employee happiness throughout Indonesia. The hope is that we can provide opportunities to grow together to create productivity in order to achieve the best business development for the company and employees. We are also doing this by building strategic collaborations with the government and other companies to enrich the VENTENY ecosystem in the future.” Damar concluded.

“We always support VENTENY to remain consistent in carrying out its business model, especially to help MSMEs in Indonesia. In addition, with the background of many investors coming from Japan, we hope this will be a new milestone for IDX to help attract large investors to Indonesia.” Chandra closed.

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