VENTENY Officially Available On iOS, Strengthen its Mission to Be Employee Super-App in 2022

Jakarta, 15 December 2021 – The technology company that promotes employee happiness VENTENY (PT. VENTENY Fortuna International) has officially launched its application on the iOS platform. After being present in Indonesia in 2019, VENTENY currently has 180,000 exclusive members from more than 140 companies or corporate partners. This user base contributes to the company’s revenue growing by 200% in 2021.

VENTENY’s VP Brand Communication Riko Simanjuntak explains the company’s strategy behind it. “We are simultaneously working on two segments. For the corporate segment (B2B), the Business Acceleration Program is a mainstay, namely access to finance for companies to increase their business. Medium and small companies still often have difficulty obtaining capital, usually due to limitations in fulfilling financing conditions which are considered complicated. For that VENTENY became a link for both of them.” Riko explained.

Meanwhile for the second segment, business-to-business-to-employee or B2B2E, VENTENY is committed to becoming an employee super-app that addresses the personal needs of employees. “We have V-Merchant for lifestyle needs, V-Academy for skill development, and recently V-Insurance has been added to provide insurance. These three services can be used by every employee directly from the application. Apart from these three services, there is also a V-Nancial service, which is a facility for channeling funds from companies that can be used specifically by employees after the company cooperates with VENTENY. Usually useful for an emergency fund.”

As a technology company, VENTENY selectively collaboration with trusted partners and has a solid user base. For example, for Business Acceleration Program and V-Nancial services, VENTENY cooperates with financial service providers registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). “The impact is not only on the increase in exclusive members, but also users of the VENTENY apps have also grown significantly up to 15x this year. This means that outside the company, individuals are increasingly responsive and independent in meeting their professional and personal needs as workers.” Riko explained.

Regarding business prospects in 2022, VENTENY considers that the Southeast Asia region is a brilliant market, where small and medium companies (Small to Medium Companies) have the potential to become the backbone of the country’s economy. According to Asian Development Bank data, the contribution of SMEs in Indonesia to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) reaches 61%. SME companies are considered to be able to absorb millions of workers. This situation gave rise to other challenges, such as competition to recruit the best talent, employee retention, productivity issues, and creating a healthy work environment.
“In the next few years, SMEs will become the center of the economy, if SMEs develop, then the country’s economy will develop too.” said VENTENY Group Founder and CEO Junichiro Waide.

“Employees are the main driver of the company’s business, for this reason companies need to focus more on maintaining their motivation and happiness as individuals. Companies must be more open to implement initiatives that target these challenges. This is where VENTENY is here to be a solution for companies without having to spend a big budget and a lot of effort to build a system.” Jun explained.

In 2022, VENTENY plans to carry out various massive strategies with the main focus on working on the business-to-business-to-employee or B2B2E segment. First, VENTENY will seek equal distribution of its services in other areas in Indonesia, namely East Java, Sumatra, Bali, Kalimantan, to Eastern Indonesia, complementing the existing VENTENY coverage areas, namely Jabodetabek, Palembang, Lampung, Surabaya, and Banjarmasin .

Second, VENTENY is currently preparing the My Benefits program, which is specially designed based on the orientation of the HR (Human Resources) or SDM (Human Resources) division in the company. So far, the HRD division has often faced a dilemma in finding a middle point between employee needs and company capabilities, usually due to limited budgets and resources.

My Benefits carries a subscription scheme that is paid by the company for its employees. Employees can use exclusive VENTENY features, and ordinary users cannot enjoy them. This can help HRD make internal and external budget efficiencies, for example for training budgets, insurance, to the provision of perks or lifestyle support facilities.

Welcoming the post-pandemic period, VENTENY sees that the needs of employees will continue to grow from today. Employees will be more critical in choosing the best company for a career. Industry players will be more aggressive in finding the best talent who can accelerate the company’s goals. Thus, companies need to anticipate this situation from now on by increasing competitiveness.