Letter from Founder dan Group CEO

Letter from Founder dan Group CEO
Jun WaideFounder and Group CEO

VENTENY: Building Prosperity Together

Since the inception of VENTENY, our mission to build prosperity together has been the driving force behind every step we take. Every business, especially MSMEs, has excellent potential for growth and development. However, we also realize that entrepreneurs and employees face many challenges in running their businesses.

At VENTENY, we nurture our steps with the spirit of prosperity. Advancing businesses also means prospering all those involved. This harmonization is what we strive for at VENTENY. VENTENY supports entrepreneurs with their needs while also fulfilling the living needs of the employees within them.

VENTENY empowers MSMEs to grow through access to productive funding and helps enhance employee happiness and engagement through the technology we create. This innovation supports the acceleration of companies’ performance and business in Indonesia.

VENTENY is not just a technology company; we dedicate ourselves to being agents of change, advancing MSMEs in Indonesia, and ensuring the best welfare for employees across Asia.

In Indonesia, MSMEs are the backbone of economic growth, and we see this as an excellent opportunity to provide much-needed support. Through various services and solutions, we offer, including the VENTENY Employee Super App technology, we are determined to strengthen the MSME ecosystem and help them reach their full potential.

With the VENTENY Employee Super App, we offer technology that facilitates business management and provides access to various resources and training that can enhance employee performance and productivity. By empowering employees, we also empower the business itself.

Beyond just business, we at VENTENY view employee welfare as a long-term investment that numbers cannot measure. We are committed to creating a supportive, inclusive, and empowering work environment for everyone involved in our journey.

Our mission at VENTENY is clear: We aim to be a reliable partner for MSMEs and employees in Indonesia. By empowering MSMEs, we believe we are advancing the economy and creating more significant opportunities for social welfare.

To every partner, employee, and individual who has supported and been part of the VENTENY journey, we express our gratitude for your dedication and commitment. Together, let us continue to move forward, building a better future for all.